A couple of British West Indians raised J. Fergus in New York. J. now loves their parents from the comfortable distance of Los Angeles while desperately trying to be their American Dream.

J. writes about food, culture, technology, cannabis, and eCommerce because they yield the most fun tax write-offs (and they love it or whatever). When they’re not writing for exposure money, they work on screenplays, novels, and a podcast that is totally gonna happen, they swear.

J. is really queer. To them that includes the following identities: demi-woman, agender, pansexual, Sandra-Oh's-Hair-sexual, solo-polaymorous, sex+kink positive, Nancy Drew aficionado, and co-opter of bisexual finger guns.

They rarely reveal their age or birthday and would really like you to stop guessing “Gen Z Gemini.”

They/she; always Mx. Fergus.