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Meet Juan Muñoz-Oca: A Washington Winemaker Taking Pretension Out Of Wine | Foodbeast

In less than two days, Juan Muñoz-Oca sold me on Washington vineyards, the de-bouge-ification of wine, and crowdsourced winemaking.

This is a grown man with the style of 25-year-old model (who pulls it off much better than Johnny Depp could ever hope to) and the built-in charisma of an Argentinian. More importantly, this is a man who gets swept up in day-long coffee meetings and will stick his fashionable arm into a crate of fermenting grapes, with little regard for his watch, simply because he’s so giddy to explain the winemaking process to you.

Price War Wages On: Why Milk Is Cheaper Than Bottled Water in the U.K. | The Huffington Post via Foodbeast

The “Big Four” supermarket chains in the UK (Tesco, Walmart’s ASDA, Sainsbury’s, and Morrisons) are your standard, labyrinthian grocery stores that have faced some competition from the German discount chains Aldi and Lidl over the past couple of decades. Aldi and Lidl offer a no-frills shopping experience where many products are own-brand, similar to Costco and its Kirkland brand, which is enticing customers away from the native chains.

Everything You Need to Know About Lakka Liqueur, Finland’s Sweetest Secret | The Manual

You may think you know your way around Scandinavian alcohol, even in the hard-to-pronounce far reaches of Iceland, but your Nordic education is nowhere near Finnished. Lakka liqueur is popular in Finland, but it’s also a beloved drink in countries with similar climates. Made from the cloudberry, this sweet delicacy will have you dreaming of frosty vistas in no time.

Cloudberries are wild berries found in the wetlands and tundras of the Northern Hemisphere, particularly in the Arctic region. 

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