Promises to Myself in 2018

It's easy to break a resolution so I thought I would just make some promises to myself.

I promise to:

  1. Read more. Read more classics. Read more than dead white men. Read more non-fiction. Read more long-form journalism.
  2. Write more for me. Write more here. Write more on Medium. Write more for my memoir. Write more for my novel. 
  3. Sing more. In the shower. At karaoke. In dark bars. In other people's cars. 
  4. Reach out instead of folding inward. Be a better friend to the great friends I already have. 
  5. Be stronger. Not thinner or lighter or "hotter," but strong enough to lift heavy things like moving boxes and toxic masculinity.
  6. Learn more. Learn Python. Make those DIY robots. Knit more than just the knit stitch. Also, maybe buy knitting needles and stop using chopsticks. 
  7. Be louder and unapologetic about my queerness. Wear as many suits as dresses. Find my brand of androgyny. Make people start using they/them/theirs. Legally change my name.
  8. Buy a piano because I miss playing one more than I think I do.
  9. Stop feeling bad for buying good food or little things that make me happy just because there's still debt to pay off. But, like, also pay off some of the debt.
  10. Be honest about my feelings, both to myself and others. Nurture authenticity in my life, friendships, and relationships.
Posted on January 1, 2018 .